Кавалерия Вестготов, представляющих собой ветвь кочевых германских народов, уничтожает римскую армию и убивает императора Валента в битве при Адрианополе


Римская империя


Очень значимые (8)


Войны и терроризм


Then the two lines of battle dashed against each other, like the beaks (or rams) of ships, and thrusting with all their might, were tossed to and fro, like the waves of the sea. Our left wing had advanced actually up to the waggons, with the intent to push on still further if they were properly supported; but they were deserted by the rest of the cavalry, and so pressed upon by the superior numbers of the enemy, that they were overwhelmed and beaten down, like the ruin of a vast rampart. Presently our infantry also was left unsupported, while the different companies became so huddled together that a soldier could hardly draw his sword, or withdraw his hand after he had once stretched it out.

Roman History by Ammianus Marcellinus