Эйнхард, франкский ученый, пишет свою работу "Жизнь Карла Великого", описывая в ней биографию короля франков Карла Великого


Франкское государство


Достаточно значимые (7)




24. He was temperate in eating and drinking, but especially so in drinking; for he had a fierce hatred of drunkenness in any man, and especially in himself or in his friends. He could not abstain so easily from food, and used often to complain that fasting was injurious to his health. He rarely gave large banquets, and only on the high festivals, but then he invited a large number of guests. His daily meal was served in four courses only, exclusive of the roast, which the hunters used to bring in on spits, and which he ate with more pleasure than any other food. [...] He was so temperate in the use of wine and drink of any kind that he rarely drank oftener than thrice during dinner.

Vita Karoli Magni by Einhard