Из-за необычно суровой весенней погоды по всей Европе распространяется паника насчет предполагаемого предстоящем конца света в 1000-летия распятия Христа




Достаточно значимые (7)




In the time that followed, famine began to extend its ravages on almost the entire earth and people let themselves be seized by the fear that the entire human species might disappear. Weather conditions were so unfavorable that man could not find even a moment suitable for planting and, especially, due to floods, could not gather his harvest. It was justly said that the hostile elements declared war on men, and there is no doubt that they were set to punish their disobedience. ... And yet, after they ate all the wild animals and all the birds of the air, men, clenched by a devouring hunger, began to gather carrions and other horrible things, which cause disgust only by mentioning them. Many, to escape death, feed themselves with forest roots and water grasses, but in vain: the only cure to soften God’s hatred was the withdrawal in oneself. Finally, nausea overcomes you only if you hear about the vices that ruled the human race at that time. Alas!

Rodulfus Glaber`s chronicles