1000 евреев убиты в течение восстаний Черной смерти в Эрфурте, Германия


Священная Римская империя


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Войны и терроризм


Massacres were generally accompanied by extensive looting. One of the items looted in the Erfurt massacre was what is now the oldest remaining manuscript of the Tosefta, which dates from the 12th century. The Erfurt Manuscripts, including the Tosefta, came into the possession of Erfurt City Council after the Massacre, and in the late 17th century ended up in the library of the Lutheran Evangelical Ministry, at Erfurt's former Augustinian Monastery. The Ministry sold them to the Royal Library in Berlin, the present day Berlin State Library, in 1880, where they are now kept. According to one reference, there are bloodstains on the Tosefta manuscript. Many of the Jews of Erfurt preemptively hid their valuables.