Греческий город-государство Коринф побежден Римской республикой в битве при Коринфе, знаменуя конец римского завоевания Греции и ликвидацию греческой демократии


Римская республика


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Войны и терроризм, Правительство


Encouraged by this success they offered battle the next day but their cavalry, heavily outnumbered, did not wait to receive the Roman cavalry charge and instead fled at once. The Achaean infantry, however, held the legions until a picked force of 1000 Roman infantry charged their flank and broke them. Some Achaeans took refuge in Corinth but no defense was organized because Diaeus fled to Arcadia. Corinth was utterly destroyed in this year by the victorious Roman army and all of her treasures and art plundered. The annihilation of Corinth, the same fate met by Carthage the same year, marked a severe departure from previous Roman policy in Greece.