Titus Livius, or simply Livy, a Roman historian, publishes his Ab Urbe Condita Libri, which means "since the city's founding", a 142-volume monumental history of ancient Rome


Roman Empire


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Whether in tracing the history of the Roman people, from the foundation of the city, I shall employ myself to a useful purpose, I am neither very certain, nor, if I were, dare I say: inasmuch as I observe, that it is both an old and hackneyed practice, later authors always supposing that they will either adduce something more authentic in the facts, or, that they will excel the less polished ancients in their style of writing. [...] Moreover, the subject is both of immense labour, as being one which must be traced back for more than seven hundred years, and which, having set out from small beginnings, has increased to such a degree that it is now distressed by its own magnitude.

Ab Urbe Condita Libri by Livy